Noble Prize nominated economist, Dr. Ray Perryman provided a thorough assessment of the economic impact of providing a four lane divided linkage between the Amarillo, Lubbock, and Odessa-Midland MSA's.

As three of the most dominant non-urbanized MSA's in the Permian Basin/West Texas/Panhandle area, his findings concluded that providing this much needed linkage would provide for over $4.5 billion in new economic growth for our area.

That impact would provide new economic activity for our regional centers, as well as, growth in the surrounding rural areas. As Texas deals with its continued population growth, this project would open up new venues for business and economic development to serve our state and nation without the issues of traffic congestion and air quality issues that current plague urbanized areas, as well as, providing significant new jobs and tax base west of I-35.

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Report 1

Report 2